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Richard Coomer

MA Vet MB Cert ES (Soft Tissue) Dipl ECVS MRCVS

Richard grew up in North Yorkshire and was inspired by James Herriot from an early age. Graduating from Cambridge in 2001, he has spent his whole working career in equine veterinary practice, initially in Morocco and North Yorkshire, before his internship in Belgium. First line equine practice took place in Kent, before he completed his specialist training in Equine Surgery at Leahurst in 2006 under the late Barrie Edwards. Another stint in Shropshire and Germany then saw him settling in Pembrokeshire 14 years ago.

Best described as calm under pressure and modest in nature; so, you probably don’t know that he spends quite a bit of time teaching ground breaking techniques pioneered at Cotts worldwide.

In his words….

“When I started working in Wales, I was puzzled that horses here didn’t seem to have read the same textbooks I had. This constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but also gave me the ingredients I needed to innovate. To this end, I’ve had the support and luck to work with a truly fantastic set of professional nurses and vets, past and present, as well as supportive clients. I’m most proud of the new surgeries and new techniques we’ve pioneered together here at Cotts. Vets all over the world have now heard of Cotts, and the horses they treat have benefitted.”

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