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This 2-week placement is offered to 4th and Final year veterinary students upon successful application. It is ideally suited to those wishing to pursue a career in equine medicine or surgery. Students seeing practice do not need any previous experience with horses, but you should advise staff members if you do not have experience. The caseload we carry will enhance the individual’s clinical competency, diagnostic and communication skills.
The externship offers an opportunity to take an active role in the routine workup and examination of both first opinion and referral cases, to observe surgeons in the diagnostic and therapeutic care of hospital cases and outpatients.
The workload is very variable and the time of year also has a significant effect. We tend to be quieter between November and February, whilst the longer days of early spring and summer can be extremely hectic. The type of cases also varies with the time of year. Spring and early summer tend to involve a lot of reproductive work, both routine and emergency. Lameness tends to increase during the summer months as horses are worked more. Colics are seen year-round, with peaks in early summer and autumn.
Normal working hours are between 8 am and 5.30 pm, with morning rounds at 9 am. You will be expected to assist with any emergency admissions within the hospital and to help the duty staff with routine checks, treatments, and intensive care of in-patients (including the weekend at the end of your first week).
We ask that you arrive on the Sunday before your externship and vacate by the Saturday lunchtime. The dress code is to be practical but tidy (boiler suit or trousers and polo/shirt) with sensible footwear and wet weather gear. Scrubs and theatre wear are provided; you may find it useful to have your stethoscope.
There is a garage and shop just 0.5 miles away, the local town is 2 miles away, and the nearest supermarket is a 15-minute drive. It would be useful to you to have your own car during your stay.
Please download and complete the application form and confidentiality agreement and email it to
Applications should include your current CV with a recent photograph and a short letter explaining why you would like to complete the Externship.

Hospital Externship
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