Exterior & Stables


There is a large tarmac parking area for cars in front of the hospital, and a spacious hardcore parking area for horse lorries. There is a walled loading ramp on one edge of the lorry parking area which allows horses to walk on to their box/lorry horizontally.

We have 4 outside post and rail paddocks and two large lunging rings. These were recently completed and consist of one hard and one soft sand surface. They are already proving to be extremely useful during lameness examinations. The hospital boasts two 30 metres tarmac trot ups on adjacent sides of the building, allowing lameness examination to be performed (hopefully) on the sheltered side.


The hospital currently has stabling for 9 inpatients, including 2 boxes for the special care of horses with infectious diseases (isolation boxes).

All horses are weighed on admission to the hospital using our digital weighbridge, located outside on the entry to the yard. This allows us to accurately monitor feed intake, weight loss and also to dose drugs accurately.

Most stables are equipped with facilities for overhead intravenous fluid therapy. The stables are also monitored on CCTV.