Operating Theatre & Recovery Room

Operating Theatre

All surgery performed under general anaesthesia is carried out here. This room, along with the theatre prep room adjacent to it, have special rules to maintain cleanliness and all staff working here observe strict hygiene rules. Theatre scrubs must be worn at all times and special footwear is worn, which is only used in theatre.

We use a special large animal-specific tilting operating table and ceiling-mounted variable operating lights. Our anaesthetic machine is fitted with a mechanical ventilator, which allows us to supply oxygen and anaesthetic to cases too sick or fit to be able to breathe enough on their own.

Recovery Room

This room opens from the Treatment Room and is padded with modern Linatex rubber. Horses undergoing general anaesthesia start their anaesthetic induction here. We use modern injectable drugs to induce general anaesthesia.

In addition we have 2 anaesthetic machines: this allows us to attach horses to oxygen and inhalation anaesthetic in the recovery room during their final clipping and preparation. They can then be winched in to theatre for the actual procedure. Horses wake up in this room after general anaesthesia. The rubberised surface minimises risk of injury by giving grip and light padding. The room is also equipped with wall-mounted pulleys to allow us to carry out rope-assisted recovery when desired.