Royal Visit

A Visit from the Her Majesty The Queen

Excited crowds turned out see Her Majesty the Queen on 29 April 2014 as she visited Pembrokeshire for a number of engagements that formed part of a short tour of Wales. Arriving by Royal Train in Haverfordwest, thousands of people lined the streets to get a glimpse of the UK’s oldest ever serving monarch, who ascended to the throne in 1952. After celebrating her 88th birthday the previous week, the Queen was on top form.

The Queen started her day by visiting us here at Cotts Farm and was met on arrival by founders Graham Fowke and John Edwards, before visiting the Examination Room, the Recovery Suite, Operating Theatre, X-ray Room and the Stables.

The Queen was then introduced to the examination room and stocks by director Shaun McKane and watches a video of equestrian surgery with director Richard Coomer. Her Majesty also met with our admin. and nursing staff, interns, surgeons, grooms and clients.

It was smiles all round as she toured the facility and received flowers.

The horses may not have known exactly who their latest visitor was, but one cheeky stallion, Teaforthree, clearly hadn’t been prepped on royal protocol and tried to have a nibble of Queen’s royal garments – much to the embarrassment of Rebecca Morris.

Nothing brings a smile to the Queen like some quality time with her favourite furry friends. So it’s no wonder she was beaming on her visit to us.

The Queen left no-one out on her meet and greet at the hospital.

For us here at the centre Her Majesty’s visit was a resounding success and lifted the spirits of horses, staff and nearby residents.