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This service is offered in collaboration with Naomi Smith, our nearest ACPAT Chartered Equine Physiotherapist.

ACPAT stands for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy. Although the term ‘physiotherapist’ is applied to a number of paraprofessionals with variable and largely unregulated qualifications, ACPAT members are human-trained physiotherapists who have subsequently obtained further training with animals. All our patients have always received the best treatments, so we’re delighted that Naomi has started working with us to provide outstanding rehabilitation as well.

Naomi Smith is at our hospital in Narberth once a week and is available at our other clinics and on other days by appointment. Naomi will be examining the horses together with the vet to give a team approach to diagnosis and management.

Our initial emphasis has been on providing relief from sore backs and hindquarters, but there is a lot more to be achieved with ligament, tendon and joint problems. We welcome both past and new cases for examination and treatment.

If you think you might be interested in using this service please speak to your own vet about a referral, or if you are a regular client of Cotts feel free to call and discuss the case with one of our vets on 01834 860871.

Chartered ACPAT Physiotherapy
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