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The hospital is equipped with an AGFA digital computed radiography X-ray system, wall-mounted bucky and high-powered ceiling gantry-mounted X-ray machine. This allows us to take the highest quality routine X-rays and obtain more difficult views requiring high power outputs and grids, such as for the back.

The hospital also has a direct digital (DR) X-ray system for mobile X-rays in the field, without the need to process the films back at the hospital. This allows in-field X-rays to be taken of horses that cannot travel e.g. laminitis and possible broken bones. We also use this system in the operating theatre during fracture repair to check screw and pin positioning.

Each clinic has multiple high frequency lightweight mobile X-ray machines which the vets can take out of the hospital in the car with them when required.

X-ray viewing room
The hospital boasts a dedicated X-ray viewing room with 2 high definition medical monitors which provide the vets with optimum conditions to view and interpret X-rays.

Our PACS server is also stored here, where all medical imaging from hospital cases are stored and can be reviewed. This includes X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy and surgery images. All these are stored digitally and can be retrieved at any stage for review.


Ultrasound technology has advanced significantly over the last few years and this has had a huge positive impact on veterinary diagnostic imaging across all species. Ultrasonography is a key tool in the diagnostic investigation of equine musculoskeletal disorders and the field of equine reproduction.

Each of our veterinary surgeons carries their own ultrasound machine in the car with a musculoskeletal and reproductive probe.

Diagnostic Imaging
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