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At Cotts we have an experienced team of stud vets, including RCVS certificate holder Graham Fowke, offering a wide range of reproductive services.

Services include:
Pre breeding soundness examination

Pre breeding (CEM) swabs and blood tests (EVA and EIA)

Preparation for natural cover

Fresh, chilled and frozen Artificial Insemination (AI)
Pregnancy scans

Twin reduction

Semen evaluation

Investigation of infertility in stallions and mares
Endometrial biopsy

Storage of frozen semen

Neonatal medicine

Procedures can be carried out on the yard or at our clinics where we have excellent stud facilities. Some procedures such as embryo transfer are best performed at the hospital.

We can offer a stud package for natural cover and AI. These packages include all scanning, routine hormones, AI, routine post cover treatments and pregnancy diagnosis up to 28 days (heartbeat confirmation).

For further information regarding our stud packages or to speak with one of our team please contact reception on 01834 860871.

Stud Medicine
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